Industrial Silencer & Muffler

APHONE + Ingénierie is the specialist in Industrial Silencer

Silencer for steam applications (after safety valves for example)

Steam silencer decrease noise and create a steam expansion (pressure ==> atmospheric pressure).

We design, calculate and manufacture steam silencer based on all input data : Medium (air, vapor, steam…), pressure loss, temperature, acoustic goal…

Each silencer is calculated for your application (custom-made) :

  • Materials for steam expansion : P265GH, P11, 16Mo3, P22 …
  • Materials for silencer frame : Inox, S235, …
  • Expansion inlet custom-made calculated
  • Inlet : 1 to 6
  • Removable or expandable flange
  • High temperature paint

Muffler and ventilation silencer

We design, calculate and manufacture aeraulic and acoustic network. Mufflers are calculated by our engineer team and are adapted to our environment.

  • Materials for silencer frame : Inox, S235, Aluminum, galvanized steel …
  • Calculation, design, manufacture and assembly on your company

Others services :

  • Exhaust silencer for power generator, engine…
  • Industrial silencer for Smoke Process

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for information or quotation about silencer…